Concentricity gage RPG mini

Concentricity gages type RPG mini are suitable for the measuring of small workpieces. They can be used on measuring projectors, optical CMMs as well as on contour measuring instruments. Due to their small disturbance range the optimal accessibility to the workpiece can be achieved

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  • B701200007

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Version Order Number Ø Workpiece [mm] Roller Ø [mm] Type of rollers
RPG 0820 mini B701200007 0,8 – 20 38 cut-in rollers interlocking
RPG 330 mini B701200006 3 – 30 30 cylindrical rollers
Concentricity gages type RPG mini are suitable for the measuring of small workpieces. They can... more

Product information "Concentricity gage RPG mini"

Strong Points

  • Robust construction with preloaded precision bearings
  • Simple handling, quick measurement
  • Suitable for transmitted light
  • Drive by toothed belt

Fields of application areas

  • Measuring optics


  • Steel
  • Attachments made of aluminum


  • Burnished, black anodized
  • Hardened and precision grinded rollers

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Concentricity gage RPG mini
  • 1 key
  • 1 Oilstone


  • Pressing force adjustable
  • Customized support rollers:In order to satisfy different customer requirements we also provide custom ized rollers according to your specifi cations.


  • Electric drive
  • Articulated arm with gauge holder
  • Swivel base for RPG mini
  • Dial test indicator, analogue
  • Dial test indicator, digital

Accessories available on request:

  • Carbide rollers
  • Base plate for set-up on a t-slot
  • XY cross table for RPG mini
  • Sine table
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Technical data "Concentricity gage RPG mini"

Version: RPG 0820 mini
Order Number: B701200007
Ø Workpiece [mm]: 0,8 – 20
Roller Ø [mm]: 38
Type of rollers: cut-in rollers, ineinander greifend
Concentricity [mm]: < 0,002 preloaded precision bearings
Drive: manually operated
Dimension L x W [mm]: 120 × 120
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