Multiple clamping system MMS

The mechanical multiple clamping system allows positioning and clamping of one, two or more workpieces at the same time. By using a number of clamping systems in a longitudinal and diagonal direction the work area of the CNC-machine can be used more efficiently. The compact construction allows an economic application on palletizing and automation systems.The clamping of the workpieces is done mechanically by means of operating key. The two clamping jaws of the wedge element slide outwards or are returned to their original position when loosening the lamping screw. The two jaws can be universally mounted on the clamping rail.

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  • B203000001

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Version Order Number Jaw type Hub [2 x mm] Clamping force [N] M max [Nm] Weight [kg]
MSE 260-50-1 B203000001 serrated 7 (2 x 3,5) 30000 85 4,5
MSE 260-50-2 B203000002 grinded with fixturing holes 7 (2 x 3,5) 30000 85 4,5
The mechanical multiple clamping system allows positioning and clamping of one, two or more... more

Product information "Multiple clamping system MMS"

Strong Points

  • Clamping of one or two workpieces against a fixed stop
  • Modular combinable
  • Clamping jaws with pull-down effect

Fields of application areas

  • Large series production
  • Clamping from outside to inside (external clamping)


  • Tempered tool steel


  • Surface hardened
  • Black-finished
  • Functional surfaces precision grinded


  • Pairing accuracy 0,02mm

Practical tip

  • Using multiple setups on interchangeable pallets the machine operating time of automated multi axis machining entres will be increased. Multiple clamping enables shorter machining times per workpiece.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Multiple clamping system with operating instructions


  • General accessories
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Technical data "Multiple clamping system MMS"

Version: MSE 260-50-1
Order Number: B203000001
Jaw type: serrated
Hub [2 x mm]: 7 (2 x 3,5)
Clamping force [N]: 30000
M max [Nm]: 85
Weight [kg]: 4,5
Application: Raw material clamping,Precision tension,Pallet automation
Special features: Modular kombinierbar
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